Benefits of Facials

Facials are truly a MUST-HAVE for every woman of every age!  They not only feel amazing and help you to relax, but they also provide many health benefits to the skin!  Getting regular facials is essential to a beautiful complexion and helping to reduce the signs of aging.  I recommended that clients receive facials once a month to maintain the health and appearance of their skin.  

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I often get asked, "what happens during a facial?"  During our one-hour Signature European Facials we include the following:

  1. Client consultation to review current health and lifestyle, discuss current skincare routine and determine skincare goals
  2. Deep cleansing of the skin
  3. Analysis of the skin using a magnified lamp to assess sun damage, pore size, hydration levels, signs of aging, clogging / breakouts, etc.  Based on our analysis, we will choose an appropriate line-up of products to use during your facial treatment.
  4. Exfoliation (using scrub or chemical exfoliant) to improve skin's texture, fine lines and help fade dark spots
  5. Application of steam to increase micro-circulation, open pores, hydrate skin and soften impactions
  6. Perform extractions (unclogs pores, rids skin of blackheads and blemishes)
  7. Application of facial mask to help reduce redness / inflammation, nourish, calm and hydrate the skin (or absorb excess oils if necessary)
  8. Therapeutic massage of face, hands, arms, shoulders and neck
  9. Professional recommendations for home care and future treatments to help achieve skin care goals

As you can see, there are many benefits to receiving regular facials!  If you are curious to learn more, drop me a message! I offer complimentary skincare consultations at my studio, so you are welcome to come in and learn more about what we have to benefit your individual concerns.

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