Winter Seasonal Facial Special

Out of all of our amazing seasonal facial specials that we offer, this one is my absolute favorite!  The Orange Clove Facial is just what you need to refresh your skin and brighten up your complexion!  This is a perfect winter treatment to help your skin go from dull to dazzling!

Orange Clove Facial_4x6_2_HR.jpg

This facial features the following products:

Orange Zest Enzyme:  This enzyme is a powerful antioxidant that brightens the skin with 4% lactic and 1.5% glycolic acids that digest dead skin cells and soften sebum.  The antioxidants within the orange are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow.

Vanilla Clove Hydrating Mask: A creamy mask great for hydrating and infusing nourishment into the skin.

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Happy holidays!